Infantino Successfully Reappointed as FIFA President

Infantino Successfully Reappointed as FIFA President

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FIFA President Gianni Infantino (Switzerland) succeeded in reappointing.

President Infantino confirmed his reappointment at the 73rd FIFA General Assembly held in Kigali, Rwanda on the 16th. In this presidential election, President Infantino ran alone and was unanimously determined to be reappointed without a separate voting procedure.

With this, President Infantino will lead FIFA for four more years, until 2027. Chairman Infantino, an Italian-Swiss former lawyer, has served as the secretary-general of the European Football Federation (UEFA).

Infantino, who won the February 2016 election, won the February 가상축구중계 2016 election after winning the support of the UEFA Executive Committee to run for the FIFA presidency after former FIFA click here president Sepp Blatter resigned over corruption allegations. Afterwards, he ran as a sole candidate in the 2019 election and extended his term to this year, and this time he succeeded in another consecutive term.

A new rule was established in 2016 that the term of office of the FIFA president cannot exceed 12 years. Because of this, it is difficult for President Infantino to challenge the next election after this term. However, he was elected for the first time before this rule was newly established, and the first three years of the term of office of the former chairman who failed are not included in the calculation of the term limit, so he can run for the next election.

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